Everyone wants a nice looking lawn but not everyone has a green thumb. Here are some simple tips that we implement that make many lawns look great:


Lawn Tips


All grasses like to be cut differently. Golf course grass can be cut very short and be just fine. However, the most common sod/grass in Florida is Floratam or St. Augustine grass. This grass likes to be cut higher than most. For example St Augustine is typically cut at 4 inches while Bahia and Bermuda can be cut at 2.5 inches or lower. You can actually burn the grass if it’s cut too short. While we believe in giving the customer what they want we will encourage what is best for the grass and the owner.


Florida soil is primarily sand and contains almost no nutrients. Clay however is one of the elements that hold the nutrients in the ground longer and unfortunately south Florida has very little to none. Due to this we encourage fertilization, often. It provides the grass with the much-needed minerals and nutrients it needs and keeps it looking healthier. We only use commercial grade fertilizer mixed with other fertilizers to create blends based on the turf and the clients needs.


Spring is the time for growth, especially weeds. Often times the grass doesn’t grow much but the weeds are in full force. We’ve heard many clients ask to skip service due to the fact “it isn’t needed.” What will happen during this time is that the weeds will germinate (reproduce) and spread. The lawn may not look like it needs to be trimmed, but to keep the weeds away we recommend cutting them back regularly.


Many people have seen sprinklers going in the middle of the day. This may be a much-needed bath for the plants however; this isn’t the deep quenching that the plants and grass need. The best time to water is early morning or late night. The pores of the plant are open and are eager to get the much-needed water. Especially on those hot summer days.